This is a tribute page to Casey Bauer Wheat
Oct 13 1970 / May 28 2020

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Thank you,
~ The Wheat Family

⚡ Forever Wheaty ⚡

It’s hard for all us to imagine our lives without Casey. He touched each and every one of us in his own special way. Casey was a connector and his friendships ran deep and wide. Those of us fortunate enough to have spent time with him will always share that special bond. When blessed with his presence there was always a feeling that hit you deep inside your heart and soul.

I think we can all agree Casey was one of a kind and bigger than life. His smile. His style, in and out of the water was effortless and confident. His deep love and connection with music. Always dancing to the beat of his own drum. His wisdom and knowledge of the world and love for culture. His compassion for everyone. His mad fashion was next level. Only Casey could rock plaid pants, pink Adidas, a satin bomber jacket and his signature hat … tilted just his way. His walk and swagger could be spotted a block away. His signature whistle always got you pumped when hearing it in the line-up on an epic day. His wit and humor. His passion for surfing. Teaching kids and people from all over the world how to surf. That genuine connection he made with everyone that crossed his path. No one made you feel more loved. Even meeting someone for the first time he radiated energy that felt as if he knew them a lifetime. He had an aura about him that was angelic and powerful. Everyone was family.

His passion for life will carry on through all our beautiful memories we each share of him. The days ahead will feel empty and challenging for us all, but deep down we all know Casey will be by our side and he would want us to keep our heads up, always be positive, and love each other. God Bless ~ Scooter

– Forever Wheatie

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  • Scott Mirtle
    September 25, 2020 - 6:08 am · Reply

    Wheat! What an incredible soul that dude had. Casey and I met in high school. And like so many of you, there’s a lot of great memories hanging out, surfing and just having fun. One of my favorite memories though was when Wheat wanted to nab his report card out of the mailbox before anyone saw it. At the time he was living with his grandparents on old Lake Street. The plan was to leave school at lunch. Pretty sure it was Patch, Apes, Wheat, myself and it seams like someone else too. We’re talking over 30 years ago so who knows. Anyways…
    We pulled up slowly to his grandparents house right at the curve of Lake Street, Wheat got out closing the door gently, quietly. He moved like a cat, stealth like up the path to the front porch. The mailbox hung on the wall next to the door. He slowly reached in and pulled out his report card. With a big grin, holding it out like a winning ticket, he quickly tiptoed back towards the car. He neared the car, excited with the silliest grin of victory. As he reached for the door I took off honking the horn. Just fast enough to stay in front of him. His eyes were huge with the most panicked look. It was fricken classic. Hero to zero in a flash! Arms and legs flailing as he ran and loud whispering his plea for me to stop because he didn’t want to yell and make more noise. Of course I finally let him in as we roared with laughter.
    Wheat always made me smile. He was kind, talented, fun and just a great dude. He embodied what a surfer is and graced this world with his stoke. Thank you Wheat for being you. I love and miss you ❤

  • Deena Gough-Sinclair
    September 25, 2020 - 5:02 pm · Reply

    Casey and I grew up together as kids at Smith school, Dwyer, then HBHS. He was always a good friend to me. I’ll never forget his endearing smile. He was a solid guy…. gone too soon. I’m one of the lucky ones to have known him.

  • Debbie (Ashley)
    September 27, 2020 - 3:55 am · Reply

    RIP Uncle Wheat!
    To Casey’s Momma, I remember sitting with you at the 80’s surf contests, talking about our kids surfing, they were men but we laughed about calling them boys. My ❤️ go out to you and your family. We’ve had Fun times! We love our surf family in HB, we could always find a great day in the sand, watching all the surf heats and the great talent we saw in the water! It truly is a sport of King’s and we are royalty!!!! Love n peace to you and yours. Forever in our hearts.
    God Bless
    Xxoo Ashley Billy H. Mom

  • Ricky Blake
    October 9, 2020 - 10:06 pm · Reply

    Casey wanted to get this Sam Hawk from the board pick before the heat of the Surfside 70s so bad on this day he knew the number he needed to pick and said it out loud multiple times until he put his hand in the bucket humming the number while pulling out the number and sure enough he picked it! Like he willed it to happen with sheer positive thinking and a huge smile. Jumping up and down he was so stoked just like his personality always constantly stoked. He won the coveted John Kissel Power Surfer Award this day and well deserved as Casey Wheat is one of those guys (like Kissel) that has a natural born talent for not only surfing but generating smiles and spreading stoke amongst all around his general earshot vicinity.. Although Kissel might have not picked the right number and just had walked over and picked up the board he wanted anyway.. Casey played by the rules.. was the cool good natured talented kid.. The Natural .. From an early age dressed in a crisp white button up making tips at Louisa’s Restaurant on Southside he worked hard and made people stoked.. Always worked hard and tried to spread his love of surf and stoke.. Always a contender and massive energy at every event for decades in the surf and around the Huntington area on land and sea. The fastest surfer ever in the Surfside 70s on boards that never went at such speed ..vibrating the 70s sticks to their core.. Delighting so many eyeballs and surf stoke grommets on a both sides of the pier and beyond forever.. The shadow of his smile will color the surf and thoughts and dreams of his friends for years to come… Thanks Casey Wheat ❤️

  • Annette Fontana Flaim
    October 10, 2020 - 6:06 pm · Reply

    How does one begin written tribute when the reality is so very hard to accept. This kid was not done enriching lives nor close to sharing his incredible talents to the world.

    I met Casey at the young age of eleven. Our bond was immediate and we became instant friends. Early to mid 80’s It did not take long before we built a brother sister relationship. We became close with each of our families as we found ourselves sharing holiday and special events together. Needless to say I fell madly in love with Papa Steve, Grandma Nell and Grandpa Cecil. At the age of twelve I started working at Casey family business Zacks Too located at the beach. Some of my favorite memories was working the concession stand as we caused mischief throughout the day. Wheat and I became inseparable as everyday after school I’d find myself at the pier watching he and boys crush waves with pride. It was then they’d locate me pier side and give me shaka sign. Make no mistake was thrilled to recognize I was soon becoming one of their number on fans. After surf sessions I soon joined them hang at was then quant Old Town Main Street surf shacks.

    I was one of the boys therefore participated in silly pranks, teenage shenanigans and wild times along the way. Growing up if we were not at the beach my house became the place to hang nights and weekends. As we entered late 80’s early 90’s I have memories that would make your head spin. We had a blast every second along the way! I’m sure with these fun times I’d cause more grey hair on my daddy’s head than Don King.

    I’d attend surf contest at the crack of dawn watching Wheat come in first place week after week. Casey gained respect from local OG Surf legends who instantly considered him one of their own. Wheat’s ego was never inflated as he simply did what he loved. Ultimately pursuing not only his passion but creating fulfilling lifestyle till his final days! This was no hobby yet a way yet the air he breathed. Bottom line this kid was beyond special and OUR CHAMP from day one.

    Not that he needed help, but found myself Wheat’s wingman when it came to the ladies. With same affection I could easily transition to the bro he needed at any given time with loving hug. I know what we had was unique and will never take him for granted. He truly was and is a one in a lifetime friend.

    This guy not only became my brother but more importantly taught crucial characteristics. His ability to exhibit zero judgment, light up a room with infectious smile and hug just about everyone had a huge impact on the woman I am today.

    Through the years this kid became an undeniable ICON that will live strong today, tomorrow and years to come. Casey’s genuine heart, EPIC style and all around a fantastic human spirit will live internally with all close to him.

    Wheat was a humanitarian. He cared not only for community but was beyond generous with those who struggled, and celebrated with pride individual’s achievements big or small.

    Casey’s contributions came second nature. He just happened to become HB’s biggest stud with little to no effort. Wheat never expected anything in return nor looked for accolades, recognition and or praise. He was a super human that made him one of a kind!!!

    What can I say? I was one of the luckiest girls in the world to create countless memories with a larger than life man.

    I will forever bop my head, pop and lock shoulders as I feel the beat when dope old school songs fills the air. I promise to dance with you as you shine down upon us.

    I needed to squeeze, hug and kiss this beautiful soul one more time while expressing the most sincere gratitude filled with appreciation for the gifts, that will forever hold a place in my heart!

    IT WAS All A DREAM … Sport of Kings.

    Rest In Peace Baby. Your boys are killing it keeping spirit alive and living with each day!

    Love you with all my heart!
    Your sister always and forever,
    Net Net / Fro / Fontana / Annette