This is a tribute page to Casey Bauer Wheat
Oct 13 1970 / May 28 2020

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Thank you,
~ The Wheat Family

⚡ Forever Wheaty ⚡

It’s hard for all us to imagine our lives without Casey. He touched each and every one of us in his own special way. Casey was a connector and his friendships ran deep and wide. Those of us fortunate enough to have spent time with him will always share that special bond. When blessed with his presence there was always a feeling that hit you deep inside your heart and soul.

I think we can all agree Casey was one of a kind and bigger than life. His smile. His style, in and out of the water was effortless and confident. His deep love and connection with music. Always dancing to the beat of his own drum. His wisdom and knowledge of the world and love for culture. His compassion for everyone. His mad fashion was next level. Only Casey could rock plaid pants, pink Adidas, a satin bomber jacket and his signature hat … tilted just his way. His walk and swagger could be spotted a block away. His signature whistle always got you pumped when hearing it in the line-up on an epic day. His wit and humor. His passion for surfing. Teaching kids and people from all over the world how to surf. That genuine connection he made with everyone that crossed his path. No one made you feel more loved. Even meeting someone for the first time he radiated energy that felt as if he knew them a lifetime. He had an aura about him that was angelic and powerful. Everyone was family.

His passion for life will carry on through all our beautiful memories we each share of him. The days ahead will feel empty and challenging for us all, but deep down we all know Casey will be by our side and he would want us to keep our heads up, always be positive, and love each other. God Bless ~ Scooter

– Forever Wheatie

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  • Nikki (Atkinson) Mahar
    September 24, 2020 - 4:47 pm · Reply

    A couple of years ago I was out on northside. Casey and a few of the other Tower 2 crew were there as well. He would often yell, “Go Nik!!” when I was feeling a little trepidation about paddling for a larger set wave… always the right encouragement I needed. One day in particular, he practically shoved me into a right after yelling, “Go Nik!”, but I was pretty close to the pier – so I was pretty freaked out. (I always hated going backside on northside… I’m goofy foot), but with his encouragement (and knowing he was watching and want to make him proud), I took off, made the drop-in and rode the wave. I paddled back out feeling pretty stoked and there was Casey, fist pumping the air with both fists – with the BIGGEST grin on his face. You would have thought he was the one on that right! A little while later that same session, I caught a wave and tried calling off some guy shoulder hoppeing me on the left. He totally ignored me, snaked me, and we ended up colliding. Casey had apparently seen the whole thing as he was paddling back out from the wave he got right before me. I paddled towards the guy that snaked me, said, “What the hell was that?” and he started telling me off, cussing at me, and telling me I didn’t know how to f***ing surf. I fired back some choice words and felt like I was holding my own… but Casey wasn’t having any of that! He paddled up right in front of me, got between me and this guy, got right up in the guys face, and told the guy to beat it or he’d have all of “my brothers” in his face, (but did so with only the calm, charisma and charm Casey could manage while pissed off). The guy clearly did not care to leave the area so Casey just kept snaking him on every wave he tried to take off on or blocked for me on a couple of waves that the guy and I were both paddling for. Eventually the guy got frustrated and went in.

    More recently, Casey and I had some really great heart to heart talks when my father-in-law was battling cancer and it looked like he was headed towards being on hospice. Casey and I talked about how hospice is such a sad way to go and in so many cases it can be totally degrading and embarrassing to wither away like that with your loved ones watching. Casey said, “I don’t wanna go out that way. Nik, promise me if it gets to that point you’ll give me a morphine cocktail!” (as he nudged me with his elbow… jokingly, but also totally serious). I said, “I will. Same here.” We shook on it. And laughed. Then hugged. He always had a way of making a heavy situation feel light. And in that moment although we were talking about something very serious, we were able to laugh together. And I found comfort in knowing he would always have my back.

    When I found out about Casey‘s sudden passing, so many memories flooded back to me. Things I hadn’t thought of in years. Although I don’t have as many special memories as his closest friends and loved ones, we did have our special moments. I met Casey when I was just 16 years old (Casey was 22). A newbie to the world of surfing. We would surf all day, hang out at Tower 2, and go out to clubs at night in our big group. We lost touch for a number of years as I got married, had children, moved away from Huntington Beach for a stent. But when I moved back I decided to raise my daughters here, it was as if no time had passed.

    And this is where the sweetest memories of all enter the scene. Memories of Casey with my sweet daughter, Kennedy. She used to love to come down to Sport of Kings with me after the guys opened the shop there. Within a very brief time she and Casey developed the most adorable little relationship. They saw each other at Operation Surf where both Casey and I were volunteers, saw each other at the beach when my husband and I took the kids down for beach days, and heckled each other in the shop as often as they could. She would always grab Casey‘s hat off of his head, put it on her own head, twist it to the side, and put a goofy look on her face, in a loving mocking way. He loved it. He ate it up. He was so amazing with children. He was amazing with all humans. After finding out he died, I was dreading telling Kennedy, but knew she needed to hear it from me. I will never forget the way she crumpled into my arms when I was finally able to get the words out. She loved you so much, Casey. You were “her friend” (not mine) according to her! She looked up to you and appreciated the attention you bestowed upon her. You had such a special way of making anybody feel like it was just you and them when you talked to them. You left an indelible mark. I cannot believe we have to survive in this world without you.

    Casey- I love you my dear friend. I think of you every single day and not a day has gone by since your passing that I have not wished to have you back. Every right I take is forever dedicated to you! Thanks for the encouragement, the friendship, the laughs, the tears, the waves, and the LOVE.

    Tower #2 Forever. Until we join you in eternity, brother.
    LOVE ALWAYS- “Nik” ❤️

  • Dana Gough-Falcone
    September 24, 2020 - 7:36 pm · Reply

    My dear friend, I remember growing up with you Smith, Dwyer and HBHS. All our fun parties, school dances, get togethers, beach days, bike rides, skateboarding etc etc. I will hold all my memories tight and close to my heart forever. There are way too many to type. Everytime I saw you, you made my day better with your kind loving energy. You are one of the best people I will ever have had the privilege to know. I love you Casey and will miss you always. RIP 💔

  • Cathy W.
    September 25, 2020 - 12:45 am · Reply

    One of my many favorite memories of Casey was the year the song “Rapture” by Blondie came out.(1981) He loved that song and would sing the song word for word. We sat together at school and he taught me the rapping part. He would stand up and dance like the guy in the video. He cracked me up. Casey and I went to Kindergarten together and have known each other pretty much all of our lives. I always thought I was a cool chick knowing the “surfer” Casey Wheat ! I love you and miss you FOREVER my life long friend !!I will truly cherish all of my memories of you and every time I hear “Rapture” I will dance just like you did !

  • Deena Gough-Sinclair
    September 25, 2020 - 4:18 am · Reply

    We grew up together. Went to all the HB schools, Smith, Dwyer, HBHS. Casey was always a good friend to me. Casey had a big heart, a unique style, and will be missed so very much. I’m so happy I’m one of the lucky ones to have known him.

  • John Naimo
    September 25, 2020 - 4:24 am · Reply

    Casey’s stoke always so infectious!!! When I made a return to surfing after a mid life hiatus, Casey’s stoke was a huge inspiration for me. For surfing. For life. For walking through adversity and shining light from it. Casey’s stoke still lives in me and in those he encountered and loved 🤙🏽🤙🏾🤙 RIP Wheat Dogg!!!